Fry it

For supper last night, I made a bunch of unhealthy junk…. that was OH so good!  My opinion is that you can fry anything and eat anything fried. So that’s what I did last night. I battered and deep-fried strawberries, olives, raspberries, asparagus, and string cheese. How much worse (here, I actually think that “worse” and “better” are synonyms) could it get?!?! The next fried food I want to make is french fries fried in duck fat. I read about in my food network magazine, so don’t think I’m an absolute weirdo freak. But I really must be, since every time I hear the words “duck fat” or “duck egg”, I start drooling. Duck just really appeals to me for some strange reason. Okay, sorry to get so off-the-subject. Anyways, I recommend having a Fry-It night for yourself. It was pretty fun to see what all we could stick into the oil and what all came out.


2 thoughts on “Fry it

  1. That sounds fun! I love watching the food network channel on T.V. (even though I don’t cook haha) and I remember how there’s this one episode where they talked about this store in U.S. that sells everything fried. Veggies fruits everything. They even fried butter. I felt fat just watching it lol. Fried asparagus actually sounds good. What was your favorite fried thing?

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