Wearing of my Ruffle Dress

I finished my “ruffle dress” a few days ago. And it is darling. I made it out of some light-weight denim that I found in one of our fabric boxes ;) So it was perfectly free. I also put these hilarious little buttons on the back that I am planning on replacing. The only reason I put them on is because all the other ones we had were bronze or “gold” as Mom calls it.  They were a little too auspicious ( but if they were auspicious, then what do you call these blue and white, stripy, sailorish buttons?) But I absolutely love the dress. I think it’s my favorite dress so far. Today, I wore it to church; but I’m thinking I can wear it casually, too. Surprisingly, I had no issues in making this item. With a few touch ups on my pattern, it came out exactly as planned. Oh, I haven’t gotten the Mexican shirt, but that’s okay. I actually kinda feel like the ruffle would be a little awkward underneath a shirt. Who knows? But I definitely don’t need it to be pleased with the dress. I already am. From the picture you would never guess this, but the pockets are super deep. Today, one of my friends told me I could fit a book in there. :) Honestly, the pockets are my favorite part about the dress, which is surprising.

Update!!! Here’s a close up of the elastic waist

The inside! It’s just sewn on both sides of the elastic with a zig zag stitch


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