A dense, white, creamy, substance that’s super-fatty… but the taste totally makes up for it

Cream cheese.  I have often dubbed myself the “cream cheese queen,” which could not be more true.  I eat it on anything that’s not completely outlandish. Yesterday, toast and honey. Today, blueberry muffins. Please don’t ask how much I put on these snacks… Okay, only about 1/5 of the package per muffin. That’s not so bad, right? Here’s a great chocolate/cream cheese lover recipe.

Make a batch of brownie mix (homemade or boxed) but be sure to add a little cinnamon and almond extract to it. BE SURE NOT TO PUT TO MUCH EXTRACT! Pour the batter into a brownie pan and set aside. Now, whip one package of cream cheese, a little sugar, and cinnamon until smooth. marble the cream cheese stuff into the brownies, cook a little longer than you would for normal brownies (or in my case 20 minutes more!). And there you have some Mexican hot chocolate brownies w/ cream cheese.  YUM! (Sorry I forgot to take a picture of it =(


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