Craving green onions

I just had a weird craving after I had finished my supper of a sandwich: green onions. While looking through the vegetable drawer of our fridge, the delightful, green sprigs caught my eye. I then told my mom what sounded delish, but asked her what I could eat it with; because only a true green onion fanatic would take them on in handfuls, uncooked and uncut. And I must admit I’m not THAT crazy. Anyways, she suggested to pair them with mushrooms and cook them in a bit of oil. I did. What I have just finished eating was so good, and salty (because of the little bit of sea salt), and texturized ( Is that a word? Well, I mean it had an amazing combination of textures),  and healthy (it was green onions and mushrooms, after all). Forgot pictures again, but don’t let that stop you from trying this dish out. It was so simple, yet so satisfying.


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