Hobo gloves

I know this blog isn’t supposed to be about crocheting, but now it is. I recently figured out how to make fingerless gloves, or as I call them “hobo gloves.” When I say “figured out”,  I mean follow Teresa on youtube =D Written crochet directions annoy me because I can’t make heads or tails of them. This is about what the directions look like: ST 2, CS 4-5, Rib SC through 7. Does that make any sense? NO! So far I’ve made one pair, but they’re not AMAZING, so I’ve finished another more perfect one. I haven’t done the left hand glove yet, so I’ll post more pictures later. It’s actually kind of funny I chose to make these gloves, because I have always found them very impractical.  I asked my parents if they could think of a good use for them, and my mom said that you could play the flute in the wintertime. Yes, that’s my point.


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