Costume Idea…

My family and I came up with a great idea for Halloween costumes (we usually try to have coordinating costumes with eachother): Indiana Jones characters! I’m gonna be Elsa from the Last Crusade… She’s the girl who was Indiana’s friend, then betrayed him, then was half his friend, and then she dies because of her greed for the holy grail. So, while she’s not exactly a great person,  she has a great look =D I’ve been looking for a costume to wear my floppy felt hat with, and this is it! She wears a floppy hat at one point (it may be straw, but oh well). Also, she has this awesome white shirt. I want to make one similar to it to wear. Any other suggestions for how to pull off her look?!?! (the last picture shows her in the shirt I like)


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