We are the bride!

For Sunday school a couple weeks ago, we dressed as the brides of Christ, since the church is the bride. So I constructed a wedding dress from an old Savers shirt and some spare fabric. It worked great (after a few tries on the hem… I ended out hemming it by hand =D)  I just cut of the sleeves of this granny-lace-shirt and cut it off mid-waist, sewed on some gathered fabric and voile! Who ever heard of such a no-fuss wedding dress?!?! ;) I had so much fun taking pictures!


2 thoughts on “We are the bride!

  1. oh, this is wonderful! I am a Christ follower too, so this has extra special significance to me :) Lovely shots, and lovely outfit! My sister got married at the end of October and she wore a simple, shorter dress, as it was a very casual wedding – it was beautiful.

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