Refashioned— Pleated Granny Top

I started out with this great shirt from a resale center. It was kind of a granny shirt. I have a weird thing for ancient-looking crazy shirts. It was slightly too big and had some wide pleats (which I actually left :o) and some super flowing long sleeves. I must say I love the color. Let me just say: it got a makeover. I slimmed it up some through the waist and arm holes. Then I cut the sleeves off to a shorter length and gathered them into a cuff. My biggest accomplishment on this top is the bow. It came to me with just a plain Jane collar, but I used the extra fabric from the sleeves to make the darling bow. I’ve been wanting a shirt just like this (maybe minus the pleats, but oh well!).


13 thoughts on “Refashioned— Pleated Granny Top

  1. Your shirt looks great! I’ve been wanting to trim down one of my husband’s old denim shirts into something like what you did for yours, so I’m glad I saw your post.

  2. this is so great! i’m glad you linked me to your blog! i love the look of vintage shirts with the tie bows but they are often long sleeve and that’s not my cup of tea. i have always been pretty intimidated by sleeves but maybe next time i see one i will have to try to upcycle it!

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