Mexican backpack

This weekend, I spent nearly a whole day developing and perfecting this little pack. It turned out almost exactly like I had imagined, which is rare. One of the greatest things about it is that I had to scrap for it; as in, there was hardly enough fabric to make this little fella.  Last summer I made a pair of “Mexican” shorts out of this material and saved the leftover bits and pieces. So they merged into this bag, with some help from me and these instructions. My help consisted of French seams (I promise it’s Mexican, though!), top-stitching, turning strips of fabric inside-out and outside-in, and stitching up the beautiful little Mexican dahlia (who knew the dahlia is Mexico’s national flower?!?!). The bag was originally intended for summer camps and babysitting, but I think it will work quite well for other uses, too.

My mom picked up that vintage suitcase at a garage sale for about 7 bucks. I adore it. I’ve had “old suitcase” on my “garage-selling list” for a few weeks with no particular purpose for it. I thought about covering this one with fabric, inspired by this post from A Beautiful Mess, and using it as decoration/storage. But I’m still not sure. Does anyone know any other unique (or not) uses for it? I probably won’t use it for actual luggage, since I already have a huge suitcase.


The French seams on the inside


4 thoughts on “Mexican backpack

    • Ooooh, yes! I’m very proud of my mom for finding that. Maybe you’ll have some luck finding one! I definitely recommend looking at garage and estate sales =D

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