Refashioned skirt in 20 minutes

Today, I threw together this little skirt from an old dress, given to me for the very purpose of refashioning! It was the easiest piece of clothing I’ve ever made, since I used the previous hem and stitches down the sides. I just cut it to the right length and encased the elastic in the top. It is a comfortable jersey knit fabric. Honestly, I’m probably more proud about the whole outfit than just the skirt. I am wearing a sweater that used to be my grannie’s (great grandmother, so yes, it’s old). It used to have some funny tassels on the sleeves and the bottom which I painstakingly removed. Though I’ve had it probably for a year, I’ve never worn it, for want of something to go with it. My new shoes are some funky boat-shoes/loafers. I’m not sure which. I love them! My hat goes great with this outfit, too. I’m really wanting to wear it out soon.


4 thoughts on “Refashioned skirt in 20 minutes

    • Thank you! Hemming gets on my nerves, too. I’m one of those who tries it on after every step; so I always try it on when it’s basically finished…. it just has to be hemmed. The worst things to hem are the ones with a really long hem, like a circle skirt or super-gathered skirt =D

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