Book review: Design-It-Yourself Clothes

I know I’ve mentioned this book in a couple of my previous posts, but I just wanted to give Cal Patch a big thumbs-up on it. I had never drafted a pattern in my life, when I first got this book and started trying to. Trust me, I am not a instruction person, but this explains it so clearly and amusingly that even I get it. She has some great projects to work through, starting with skirts and ending with pants. There are some adorable dresses and shirts, too. I’ve gotten to where I can use one of her described items and modify it to be something different. I do probably recommend working through the book from beginning to end rather than jumping around… oops. I find it especially useful in describing how to draft darts, sleeves, and pants. I know that patternmaking scares many away, but it is soooooooooooooo (I can’t put enough “o”s) worth it. This book is really perfect for a beginner or someone who has already done some. There’s so much to learn about it!


6 thoughts on “Book review: Design-It-Yourself Clothes

  1. I absolutely have to get this book–I am obsessed with learning how to draft my own patterns! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. It seems like a good book. I appreciate honest and unbiased opinions. I have a lot of reading to do but I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the future. Thanks!

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