The Orange Julius

This is one of those words (I guess it’s actually two words) that I’ve wondered how to spell all my life: orange julius. Is it orangejoolius (which is probably my first instinct), oranchulias, or possibly orangejyoolious? The latter way is about how I spelled it when I endeavored to write a cookbook at age 6. I must have thought about it too much. I’m also curious why it’s called an orange julius. Did Julius Caesar come up with the recipe? Something tells me he wasn’t drinking orange ice cream out of a blender. Anyhow, it tastes good. It’s an utterly easy blender recipe to throw together. Scoop some vanilla ice cream into a blender, until it’s about halfway full. Then toss a couple handfuls of ice in and fill all the extra space with orange juice (hmmm… julius—-juice; strange similarity). Blend it up. The end-product is a light, frothy orange julius, perfect for a warm summer evening.


4 thoughts on “The Orange Julius

  1. YUM! I don’t know why it’s called Orange Julius, but we have a chain called Orange Julius here, in malls, and that’s all they sell.. glorious drinks of blended fruit, ice and something magical that makes it all frothy, creamy and refreshing! :) I’ve been a fan of these since I was a little kid! :)

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