Lace Trim Top

I’ve been hankering to do this project for some time since I saw a similar idea on this blog a while back. In some ways, it is moderately simple, but it must be done very diligently. It was super fun, though. You first have to piece together lace strips. I’ve read that some people use lace fabric cut into strips, but I just used several different lace trims. I used some neat lace that my granny passed down to us and some other lace that a sweet lady gave us recently. I spent a ton of time organizing the lace the way I wanted it. When it was finally perfect, I sewed the strips together (wide enough to fit the front and back of the shirt) with a zigzag stitch. Then, I just cut my pattern out of the fabric and sewed the side and shoulder seams. I finished all the raw edges by serging and barely turning under. I was imagining this to turn out great, but it’s far better than I imagined. I think it’ll be a perfect top to dress up or down. It’s cute with denim shorts, or, at least I think this would be darling, with a long black or coral skirt, which I need to make =D


14 thoughts on “Lace Trim Top

  1. Oh my word–I LOVE this so much! And now I really, really, really want to make one. I love how all the trims are different–so much more interesting and unique than cutting up one piece of lace fabric.

  2. Cute! I love all the different layers of lace – it adds a lot of dimension and I bet it’s fun to remember where all those individual lace pieces came from. I made a lace shirt from and old curtain, but sort of slacked off on finishing the sleeves – I may have to invest in a serger some day soon.

    • Thanks! I bet your shirt is cute! I definitely think you should get a serger. It has completely transformed all of my clothing that I’ve made. It was especially handy on this lace, that would have been hard to finish without a serger =D

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