My Want of Fabric

I have a dilemma. Here it is: I can’t find unique fabric. What I need is a place that sells light-weight fabric (like rayon challis or some gauzy material) in weird prints. I have looked and looked. I really don’t even care how expensive it is. I just need to know it exists, right now. I have recently bought some really cute clothes that have some funky printed fabric… But where can I get the actual fabric??? I have found some pretty good fabric in some places, like here, but it’s all plain old cotton. I really just wish I had a loom, so that I could make my own fabric. But for some reason, I’m thinking that ain’t happening. Oh well… I would be so glad if anyone could tell me some places to check out! And for anyone who’s wondering what “weird” is, here are some examples =D

Yes, this IS fabric, but it’s not light-weight (which matters =)



10 thoughts on “My Want of Fabric

  1. you might like some of the ‘nani iro’ prints, and they do make a double gauze which is lightweight. also ‘kokka’ and ‘echino’ make some fabulous prints, but mostly all in a light to medium weight cotton. if you’re in the states, check out purlsoho or or sewmamasew for some great fabrics.

  2. Hi there! i know what you mean about finding different fabrics!!! I always have luck on Etsy. Search for vintage fabrics or maybe even whimsical….. Other than that- maybe you could start designing your own on Spoonflower? :-) That’s what I am working towards! Good Luck!

    • I ran across spoonflower just the other day! Very cool. I have looked at Etsy some before, but I probably just need to look a little harder on there. Thanks so much =D You’re so helpful!

  3. BEDDING!!! That’s your best bet when trying to find unusual prints but at reasonable prices. Just make sure you have a good feel of it before you buy, and maybe run it through the wash to see its colour fastness before you put in all the man hours sewing. My dressmaking has taken on a whole new life since I started using bedding for fabric! xXx

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