Is there such a thing as too many polka dots?

I’m convinced that I could have a wardrobe full of only polka-dotted items… and be 100% happy! I’ve been on a polka dot spree the past two months, as you can see in the photo.

When I was telling someone about my plans to make a polka-dotted dress, they said that in the past polka dots kind of elude to summertime. But after some research on current fashions, I found that polka dots were not saved for summer this year, which was a huge relief. For a while now, I’ve been planning and dreaming about this dress, which I finally was able to stitch up in two days!

The Pattern…

The single disappointment is that I couldn’t find any navy blue with white polka dots in a jersey knit fabric. So I resorted to black, which turned out cute as a button. I also inserted my first official invisible (and successful) zipper. It actually is invisible! Here‘s the link that helped me figure that out. Another first that I celebrated in the making of this dress is drafting and sewing waist darts. I learned some about drafting darts and such here. The bodice is perfectly fitted since I made the darts in the front and the back. It is a very fifties style dress, which I love. Because it has a 1/2 circle skirt, I think it will be lovely to dance in. I probably would have made it a full circle skirt, but that would have doubled my needed amount of fabric! So I am very content with the 1/2.

The Dress!

Tell me what you think and some ideas for where to wear it, even though I will probably wear it most anywhere!


21 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as too many polka dots?

    • Thank you so much! There’s a book that I highly recommend if you’re beginning to draft your own patterns. It’s called Design-It-Yourself Clothes by Cal Patch. But in my own words: you start by taking all the measurements needed for the item you are making. In my case, I needed bust, waist, length, high shoulder point to waist, and shoulder to shoulder measurements. When you draft patterns, you generally draft a half pattern, so you can double the fabric and place one side of the pattern on the center fold. So you draw a line 1/4 the length of your bust measurement perpendicular to the side of the paper. You do the same with your waist and shoulder to shoulder measurements, making sure that they are the right length apart (using high shoulder point to waist). Then, you basically just connect the ends of the lines with lines, armhole curves and neck-hole curves. This a pretty simplified version of how to do it. But maybe it will give you some idea =D It’s so fun. You should definitely try it out!

  1. Of course you can never have enough! This is a lovely dress and so clever that you drafted it yourself. Thanks for the tip off for that book. I have just learned to draft a skirt block but will need some more help with a bodice block. Off to check it out!

  2. you look cute as a button in this dress. If it were me I would wear a bright contrasting belt with it and matching shoes – red perhaps :D
    Thanks as well for the book recommendation – It’s early but I have added it to my Christmas list! lol

    • Ooooh, I’m so glad you put the book on your Christmas list :) I hope you get it! Yes, I’m definitely planning on wearing a belt with it sometimes. I also got a coral-colored cardigan, so I can wear it in the fall and winter =D

    • Awww… Thanks! You’re so sweet. Yes! Polka dots are always classy-looking and chic. That’s exactly what I was aiming for when I made this! So I’m glad you agree =D

    • Yes! It is a very versatile dress… it’s cute with sweaters, belts, tights, flats, sandals, or just by itself! You should totally make one; it only took me two days (yes, I worked on it 6 hours a day, but it would be easy to do over a couple of weekends). So do it =D

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  6. I love the dress, and the blue lace variation you made is great! I also really like that book by Cal Patch, although I have yet to make a pattern via her directions in the book…it is definitely on my list to do however!

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