Skeleton Key Canvas

I’m currently in the process of redoing a room. I’m going for a classy, yet rustic look. So today I ran across an old frame that I had turned into a canvas by stapling white broadcloth to the back. While brainstorming about how I could use it, I came up with the novel idea of painting skeleton keys on it. As you will soon find out (as I reveal some more diy projects originating from this room revamping), I have recently been enamored of skeleton keys and doilies. There are actually a lot of other things in this category that I love and will tell you just for the fun of listing a few of my favorite things (it would make me so happy to have fabric with some of this stuff on it): penny farthing bicycles, pocket-watches, mustaches, bows, and typewriters. Okay, back to the topic of painting skeleton keys on a fabric canvas. I spent quite a bit of time determining which skeleton key designs to use, which I think turned out to be a wise decision. I then sketched them as best I could on a piece of paper, making sure the lines were dark enough to see through the fabric. Setting this paper in the perfect position behind my canvas, I traced all three keys onto the canvas with a pencil. The final and most intricate step was using black paint to trace the lines on the canvas. If I had time running out my ears, it would be so fun to print enough fabric like this to make a skirt or dress or something. Anyways, the finished product is somewhat stunning— Are the keys real or just painted? Elegant skeleton keys framed in knotty wood? But the slight confusion only adds to its charm. I can’t wait to hang it in the room. I realize that this project slightly deviates from the theme of my blog, but I just couldn’t keep this one to myself! Maybe it will inspire you.



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