Refashioned Pretty Pleats Dress

For this refashion, I started with a pleated-all-over 70’s dress.

As you can see, it has some long, flowing sleeves (hmmm, that seems to be a common characteristic among many of my refashions), an ultra high neck, and a bit of an awkward length. Oh, and I got it at an estate sale for 50 cents! Somehow that always makes the final product even better. Anyways, I bought it so that I could remake it into a winter church dress; I know, it has short sleeves, but you couldn’t have paid me to leave those sleeves on! I think it will actually work great for winter, as long as I wear a jacket or cardigan with it. So, it’s makeover consisted of chopping part of the sleeves off, hemming the dress to a slightly shorter length, and (the hard part) lowering the neckline a little bit. To succeed at this neckline business, I ended out having to hand sew my bias tape onto the dress. The whole process took all afternoon, but now I have a perfect dress to wear this winter! P.S. How about those pleats?!?!


9 thoughts on “Refashioned Pretty Pleats Dress

  1. Oh my gosh what!? This is amazing!! Holy cow, I would buy that in a heartbeat. (Seriously, are you selling? haha) really though this is amazing! So obviously you chopped the sleeves, but did you have to redraft them at all? Or are they just shortened? Because man if so, they seriously turned out perfectly. I love the whole butterfly-sleeve vibe going on. The neckline looks great too PS!

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