Dress Decisions

I’m in the process of figuring out my next project.  I want to do a dress that’ll work good for winter, so I’ve been thinking either a peplum or a shift dress. But now I’m leaning toward shift dress, because I’m not sure how great a peplum dress would look on my tall skinniness. There are still so many options to decide on though, so that’s why I’m asking y’all! Sleeves or no sleeves? Long or short sleeves? Peter pan collar? Oh, and is a shift dress supposed to have darts? If so, where? What colors…. solid, print? So, I already have an idea, but it is by no means certain: a navy blue dress with 3/4 sleeves and red heart patches on the elbows. Pretty simple, but cute and unique. But if you have a better idea, please share it!!! Come on, give me some feedback y’all!

Here are a few cute shift dresses to spur on the imagination.


4 thoughts on “Dress Decisions

  1. I know everyone is into the peplums lately, but that’s not a trend I particularly care for, personally. A shift dress is classier (IMO) and will always be in style. I really like that last one because it can be so versatile; you could wear it with tights and boots (my personal fall/winter wardrobe favourite) or with heels for a more dressy look :)

    • Hey, we are on the exact same page =D I’ve been thinking the same thing… a shift dress will be very versatile and perfect for winter. So, that was definitely where I was leaning, so you think just completely plain jane would be best? Thanks so much for commenting and not just “liking” =D

  2. I like the silhouette of dress #3 with the pattern and collar of dress #1. I think sleeves are a must since this will be a dress for fall/winter.

    Yes, shift dresses have darts – usually a bust dart that extends from SS to bust point.

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