Raspberry Almond Vanilla Tea

Today I ran across a post about loose-leaf tea and the many different flavors you can buy it in. The problem— you have to buy it. So I went to David’s tea website and was even more inspired looking at all the different flavors: chocolate cake, pumpkin chai, mango diablo, toasted walnut, and tons more. And what was I thinking seeing pile after pile of various loose teas? yum, Yum, YUM, YUM! Ahhhh, I couldn’t make it through the evening without trying some. So I made my own version out of a few things I happened to have on hand. I used loose black tea, frozen raspberries, chopped almonds, and vanilla extract (this worked, but I think vanilla beans would be even better). It’s great with or without sweetener, though I might recommend either some sugar or honey. Another possibility I thought about trying was cocoa almond.

First, put all the ingredients on some cheesecloth or coffee filter (use a coffee filter if you’re dealing with super fine stuff, like spices or cocoa).


Then tie up your little bundle…


and throw it in a pan of hot water. Let it get to a boil, before you turn it off.


Put in a pitcher with about as much water and drink hot or cold. Yum, yum!



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