Lace Infinity Scarf


Is anyone else behind on Christmas presents? In our family, we have this unspoken tradition that all the siblings make each other a gift. Well, let me just say that I have not done that yet. But, hopefully, I will be able to post that achievement soon (in other words, before Christmas!). For any of you who still don’t know even what to give (don’t worry, I deal with this problem too), here’s a quick but classy DIY gift. I made these infinity scarves with lace on the edge for a couple of girlfriends, not to mention myself, this year. My first try took close to an hour, but once you get the hang of it, you could probably complete it in thirty minutes. I found the idea here, if you want to see another rendition. My favorite one turned out to be made of jersey knit fabric. That way, it’s super comfy but still lays well. But, really, any thin, light fabric would do fine.

First, cut your fabric about 1 by 4-ish feet. I say “ish” because it really depends on how tight you want the scarf to be around your neck; you may or may not want it a little shorter. If you are not using a knit fabric, you need to serge all the edges. Then, carefully sew lace trim along one of the long edges, making sure not to sew off the lace or the fabric. On the other long edge, choose another lace trim to sew along that edge. You could do the same trim on both sides, but I prefer the two different trims, to vary the scarf a little more. To finish up, just sew the two short edges together, which makes the scarf into one big circle. The best way to wear it is to double the scarf, so there are two layers around your neck. Make sure some of the lace shows!! I love it. Hopefully, so do my friends!


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