Homemade Stamps and Hand-printed Fabric


I’ve been anticipating this project for some time now. I’m so excited to share it! Here‘s a site that explains the process pretty well. So as a Christmas gift for my siblings, I carved some unique stamps. I love it, because you can make absolutely whatever design you like. I chose to make  balloon, mustache, heart, arrow, and feather (though it looks more like a leaf) stamps. The hardest part for me was drawing a distinguishable object. So for the more talented artists, this project could not fail. But it really didn’t even fail for me! Perhaps I had too high expectations for the feather… This is actually a relatively easy and quick project. I, for one, loved trying my hand at something new. Someday, I want to hand-print fabric with some of these stamps. By the way, I tried one of the stamps on fabric with paper ink— umm, you might want to use fabric ink, or else it will come out very light and hardly visible.



Ooooh, I got somewhere on my long-awaited shift dress this weekend. The pattern is finished! Can’t wait to make it and show it to y’all!


6 thoughts on “Homemade Stamps and Hand-printed Fabric

  1. Awww I love these, and how spooky, one of my Christmas presents of my lovely hubby was some lino and cutting tools. I can’t wait to put them to use. Hope they turn out as lovely as yours, Looking forward to see what you make with the fabric xxx

    • It is! The first time I ever saw it, it began a whole new excitement for me. I’m always looking for unique, novel fabric (usually even black and white), so now I can make my own with whatever pattern I want =D

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