Winter Shift Dress


I have completed my promised shift dress! It turned out every bit as cute as I imagined. Honestly, since my first try at drafting a sleeve pattern (my second pattern-drafting experience ever), I have been scared off from undertaking anymore sleeve drafting. This time, I carefully followed the instructions in my trusty old pattern-drafting book, and what do you know— drafting the sleeve was a piece of cake! The sleeves are undoubtedly my favorite part about the dress. As closure for the dress, I inserted an invisible zipper in the back. There are so many different ways a dress like this can be worn. I especially like the option of wearing a belt or going more plain-jane. One of the most troubling I questions I had when drafting the pattern (Oh, by the way, a great way to recycle newspaper is to draft patterns on it.) was the question of darts. Through a lot of research and some helpful advice, I came to the understanding that shift dresses may or may not have darts. And when I pinpointed a dress that was the exact pattern I wanted and discovered it had no darts, I decided to leave the darts out of this pattern. But I think, if I ever want to adapt this pattern, I could add some darts to it. That is the best thing about drafting your own patterns: you can make a a simple, versatile pattern and then add or take away whatever details you don’t want. Hope y’all had a merry Christmas and have a great New Year!



My new Minnetonka boots, I got for Christmas!

My new Minnetonka boots, I got for Christmas!


8 thoughts on “Winter Shift Dress

  1. Congrats on the drafting!I love drafting my own patterns for the exact same reason!It is awesome that you can use one single pattern and by adding or changing some small things you can create so many different ones!

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