Thinking Ahead…

Well, guys, I’m already dreaming up my Easter dress for this year. At this point, I have two options (though I reserve the right to change my mind and go with something completely different!):


The first one is an old, faded, blue turquoise color, which I love, but my mom says it’s the same color as last year’s dress. That one was sea green! Come on, big difference there. Right? It’s a simple yet very classy pattern— fitted bodice, skirt with inverted box pleats, elegant buttons in the back. I can’t decide if princess seams or vertical darts would be better for this dress. Either way, I can adapt my polka-dot bodice pattern and use it.

The second dress is a carbon-copy of a darling little thing I saw on a blog recently. It’s a sailor dress! I am thinking to make it black and white, instead of navy and white, to take a little of that fishy smell out. It uses elastic to cinch in at the waist. I love the bow and the trim on the collar and pockets. So all this, to ask– which do you like better?


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