Refashioned: Maxi-dress and Trousers… and a broken machine


I think this is the first time I’ve ever refashioned my own fashion (i.e. something I made). I made a maxi-dress last spring which was cute until I washed it…. it shrunk. Here it is before it shrunk:

Then it was far too tight for my liking. But I wore it last summer, belting it up to a shorter length. This year, I couldn’t even do that. So, I made it into a loose peplum top, which is splendid for hot summer days. It was super easy, too; that is, if you have a sewing machine that functions properly. Has anyone ever had the trouble of your thread breaking stitch after stitch? I’m legitimately asking, because I need some serious help! What’s even weirder is that my machine and my mom’s machine is doing the exact same thing. We’ve checked the tension, re- and re-threaded the bobbin, and tried different thread options. Any suggestions? Also, with my sick sewing machine, I refashioned some green trousers into shorts. This project would typically be a twenty minute project instead of one and a half hour project. But I love them! They may even have been worth the extra hour and ten minutes. Oooh, and the trousers were about 2 bucks at a garage sale and were in great condition. I am happy with my new refashioned outfit but less than happy about my machine.



4 thoughts on “Refashioned: Maxi-dress and Trousers… and a broken machine

  1. Have you changed out the needles? When was the last time it was cleaned, oiled and serviced? Depending on what your machine is you may need to take it in and have it serviced, but first change out the needle if you haven’t already.

    Hope it helps!

    • I have changed the needles. But I have not had it cleaned. I talked to a friend yesterday about it, and I think the problem may be a scratch on the metal plate. Thanks so much for the advice! If fixing the plate doesn’t help, I’ll probably need to get it cleaned =D

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