Refashioned: Pleated Peplum




My post have rather sparse lately, eh? Sorry, I have not been able to find much time to sew! But I do have some project ideas that will hopefully develop faster than this one has. This project has an interesting story. My grandma made it for my mom back in the late eighties or early nineties. It was stylish with its drop-waist, gold buttons, and gingham print. A few days ago, we found a bag in a refrigerator in our garage full of Mom’s old clothes. Having been saved in an airtight fridge for almost two decades, the dress was in perfect condition. The dress fit me but did not appeal to me left as it was. I made use of my seam-ripper to take the skirt and sleeves carefully off. I snipped the dress to a more peplum-friendly length and reattached the pleated ruffle. After I finished the armholes with a narrow double turn, I replaced the gold, basket weave buttons with less conspicuous white, pearly ones. I think it was the uncentered buttons that drew me in to this project. Aren’t they cute? This shirt will be a perfect top for a Fourth of July picnic (maybe because I am the picnic table cloth).

Here is the dress I began with. Don’t you just love the 90’s? But actually, I think this is rather a good specimen of that era :)

Here's what I started with.



12 thoughts on “Refashioned: Pleated Peplum

    • I know! I didn’t think anything from the 90’s could look so cute =D I considered wearing it as it was, but decided I would wear it more in a different form.

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