What’s black and white and has a gold button?


It seems that, when my laundry situation allows, I always choose to wear black and white with a pop of either coral or turquoise. And by turquoise, I mean all bluish, green colors… So I should say teal, sea green, peacock blue, mint, turquoise, etc. Thus, I perpetually look for new opportunities to make a piece of clothing in one or another of these colors. Buying fabric often discourages me, because very rarely do you actually find what you came for. When I found a surprise two yards of black and white print that actually happened to be cute for $4 per yard, I bought it without hesitation. Here is an important bit of information: if you find promising fabric for a good deal, buy it, even though you may not have a plan for it yet. It WILL work out! Any way, in a few short hours, I made this high-waisted, comfy skirt. I am going to try to start wearing dresses and skirts more often; so this casual, practical skirt should fulfill its purpose well.




7 thoughts on “What’s black and white and has a gold button?

  1. Yes!! a classy look on a classy lady.My friend told me that black and white with turquoise is the ‘rage’ fpr this summer when she made me a nice black and whiteprinted skirt. i like your idea of wearing more skirts and dresses—nothing prettier on a pretty lady :>)

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