A Vintage Sewing Machine


I just bought an a old Singer 301 sewing machine! For 70 bucks, I got the machine, the cabinet it was in, and various accessories and feet attachments. This entire summer, even with kicking off a business, I have been without my own sewing machine.  My Brother sewing machine decided to stop working after two years of hard sewing; so, I was forced to borrow my mother’s machine regularly over the past few months. But, yes, it has paid to be patient in the search for a new one. I was on the verge of paying another $125 for a Brother just like what I had before, when I stumbled across this perfect old-timer on Craigslist. Reading up on the Singer 301, I found that it runs on gears instead of a belt drive. This makes it a dependable machine that will last through years of rigorous stitching. Another thing that makes me smile when I look at this machine: no plastic. It’s all metal, making it a 16 pounder. It conveniently snaps out of the cabinet for easy portability. But, the cabinet makes for a great sewing table in my room (not to mention a cute addition of furniture). This darling machine works perfectly, sewing even stitches quietly and smoothly. In case you can’t tell, I’m sold. Well, actually, it’s sold…… to me! Hip hip hooray!




Perhaps the first project this machine will get to make under my guidance will be this sweet vintage pattern. Generally, I don’t use store-bought patterns; but seeing this one in an antique store, I just couldn’t pass it up.



6 thoughts on “A Vintage Sewing Machine

  1. What a SWEET DEAL! It is like what I thought that model might be .All metal is wonderful and You got the cabinet and stool to boot!.. Surely looks like a great ‘work horse’

    • Ah, yes! I sure wasn’t planning on keeping the cabinet until I saw it… It is perfect– very small when closed up, but helpful for sewing on. I can’t wait to sew all kinds of things with it =D

  2. I love vintage machines! There is no substitute for metal versus plastic. I bought a vintage Morse machine about eight months ago and have used it for everything but my Bombshell Swimsuit.

    • Absolutely! Metal reigns supreme =D Is your vintage machine only a straight stitch or does it do other things, too? Because mine is just a straight stitch, and I hope that will work for everything I sew.

  3. Mine also zigzags. If you like to sew knits at all you may want to look into buying a decent serger. Some people have luck with sewing knits with a straight stitch and I know others who don’t. I never can get it to work for me and my Morse does not like sewing knits with a straight stitch no matter what I do. But a serger works wonders! Keep an eye out for them on craigslist and read the reviews on them. Sometimes you can get a pretty good deal on them. :D

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