1920’s Inspiration

It seems like 1920’s fever has been going around. The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey have gotten into everybody’s heads, I guess. I’ve never loved the drop-waist trend that was so popular, but for some reason (I must have gotten the fever, too) I am dead-set on making a 20’s dress. I’m planning on this being my Halloween costume, though I would love for it to be something I will wear again. So, I come to you, my lovely readers, with a question… What should it look like? I am aiming for elegant, not flapper. Based on that fact and these photos, what aspects should I incorporate? Tiers, lace, vertical ruffles, deep v-neck, side bow, sleeves, sheer fabric…. And what color?


4 thoughts on “1920’s Inspiration

  1. For what it is worth, I really like the first one–everything about it and think it would be great for a tall , thin body with one of your floppy hats. I also like the next to last but would like the sleeves on it , i think–sapecilly for Fall weather.Also I like the cream color as shown in pics.

    • Oh, thanks so much for the advice! I will definitely use it. I think the two you named are also my two favorites! I tend to like a cream color as well. I missed seeing you today!

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