A Drop-Waist Dress


If you saw my last post, you saw some of the inspiration I used in making this lovely 1920’s dress. But actually, I ended out being most influenced by these two other dresses I found later.

Look at Lady Mary’s striped dress!

While it is functioning as my Halloween costume, I may be more excited about wearing it afterwards. I have a few ideas for little changes here and there to make it more wearable. It will probably lose the drop-waist…. but you can’t say I didn’t try it out! I’m really glad I made it drop-waisted, so that I could try the technique and the look. I’m just not sold on the look. I guess I’m more of a waist-definition/high-waisted kind of girl. From the beginning, I was planning on using a cream fabric but could not find any. Is that not a shocker?!? No thin, cream fabric in my town. None. I should have used a sheet. Eh, but what am I griping about? I really love this tiny-striped, gray and white fabric. It’s very light, and all the gathers lay well. I feel like I was whisked straight off Downton Abbey when I wear this dress. By the way, I made the pattern, which was very simple, and made the dress in one afternoon. I think it turned out well for such a quickie!




7 thoughts on “A Drop-Waist Dress

  1. Although you can actually pull off the dropped waist, I don’t like it much either. I think this would be amazing restyled with a high-natural waist, kind of like the height on Sybil’s dress and maybe a self-fabric belt or contrasting thin ribbon band.

  2. yea, my son came this weekend and fixed our email again, so I finally get to see your dress. I like it a lot and think you should wear it at least once as is, then for a different look entirely, you could refashion it into a natural waistline dress if you so desire. You amaze me how fast , yet so well ,you do your projects. Keep up the good work and keep those blogs coming. i enjoy!!

    Keep up the goo

    • Thank you!! I’m glad y’all were able to fix your email! I just don’t know if I can pull off the drop-waist :) I need to get better about wearing a variety of styles– like this. Thanks again =D

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