The title tells the whole story about my new pair of overalls. This summer has seen me in little else. The entire spring and first bit of summer I scoured Etsy, garage sales, and thrift stores for a pair of denim shortalls that were long enough to roll up and loose enough to wiggle in. I had very little luck till I found a pair of baggy overall pants for $6. I cut them to the right roll-up length… and now they are almost the only thing I wear. They can be worn for a work-day around the house or on a warm day at the farmers market or to a simple lunch outing. (Yes, I have worn them on all of these occasions in the past two weeks.)



8 thoughts on “Loveralls

  1. Oh, great, I am back into aseeing your interesting blogs. I remembered my email address has changed so had to go about another way to find you and had the thrill of catching up on all the ones I had missed. I have entered my new address so I won’t be missing any more.

  2. Oh my gosh these are perfect! Loveralls is the perfect word, I’m almost sad now that it’s already August and I am just now realizing that overalls would have been the perfect summer go to outfit. I hate how normal shorts hit you so uncomfortably at the hip and these would totally eliminate that problem! Ok don’t be mad if I totally copy you and go out and buy a pair myself now. ha seriously though.

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