Upcoming Venture

My winter hibernation is over! The spring calls me. A slew of projects and dresses is soon to come, and today I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at a what I hope to be my best accomplishment yet— a vintage evening gown! I have just ordered the pattern and have not begun yet, but my head is full of color combinations and slight modifications. Isn’t the pattern the most adorable little dress you ever did see?!

Currently, I am leaning towards a dark green taffeta (or would a different material be better?) bodice, dark green taffeta skirt with a tulle overlay, and a white chiffon sash. Some other options that have crossed my mind are the following: gold and white, some kind of brocade, pink lace… Have any other ideas?


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Venture

  1. It is an adorable pattern that will be flattering for you. Since it will be Spring, I think I would go for one of the lighter colors that is your most becoming one. On the back of the pattern it will suggest fabrics that are most suitable for the pattern so that might help you decide (if those fabrics are still on the market ) since it is vintage :>) i can’t wait to see the finished product!!

    • Thanks, Mrs. M! I was hoping to discuss it with you the other day. Maybe we can talk soon! Right now, I’m thinking a taffeta bodice and skirt with a tulle overskirt. How does that sound to you?

      • I just found your reply. I think taffeta would be a good choice and the tulle overskirt should be pretty. I wonder if the moire tafetta is still on the market. Does it sound pretty to you or had you rather have plain ? I’m afraid I am not as much help with garment sewing as I once was since all I do now is quilts–mainly for Baby Closet :>)

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