Chrysanthemum Skirt


This fabric thrilled me when I first found it. It was in an old cabinet stuffed with all sorts of material at an estate sale that, honestly, did not smell that great. And that is where this lovely skirt began. I knew from the beginning that I had to make a skirt with this fabric– it was the perfect weight, cutest print, and pure comfort. So when I ran across this tutorial I had to use it. This pattern met the comfort and cute requirements I had for the skirt. What I love about this particular pattern is that it took two hours; and I probably could have done it faster. So, there is the story of my new favorite skirt… Oh, and did I mention that the fabric was 25 cents? And also, the shirt I’m wearing was a recent estate sale find. I was deprived of estate-saling for an entire winter! Can you tell I’m glad it’s spring?



What’s black and white and has a gold button?


It seems that, when my laundry situation allows, I always choose to wear black and white with a pop of either coral or turquoise. And by turquoise, I mean all bluish, green colors… So I should say teal, sea green, peacock blue, mint, turquoise, etc. Thus, I perpetually look for new opportunities to make a piece of clothing in one or another of these colors. Buying fabric often discourages me, because very rarely do you actually find what you came for. When I found a surprise two yards of black and white print that actually happened to be cute for $4 per yard, I bought it without hesitation. Here is an important bit of information: if you find promising fabric for a good deal, buy it, even though you may not have a plan for it yet. It WILL work out! Any way, in a few short hours, I made this high-waisted, comfy skirt. I am going to try to start wearing dresses and skirts more often; so this casual, practical skirt should fulfill its purpose well.