Quick DIY: Bunting!


What sewing room, or bedroom, or living room doesn’t need a little perk? This is pretty much the cutest “little perk” I’ve ever seen– scrap bunting! You can personalize this within only the limits of your own scraps… burlap, polka dots, pink, lace, vintage novelty, anything you have in your sewing closet (do you see my pink flowery pinata fabric?). On top of its cuteness, this bunting happens to be super easy and super cheap to make. All you need is a few fabric scraps, some bias tape, and a bit of lace trim, and about an hour. Simply, cut your triangles in whatever size and quantity you like with pinking shears. Next, fold your bias tape in half and stick the lace trim (I used a ruffled eyelet) in between. Stitch the lace trim into the bias tape for a few inches; then begin adding your triangles under the trim but still inside the folded tape. Continue to stitch along the top of the bias tape until all your lovely little triangles are attached and finish by sewing the last few inches of lace trim into the bias tape. This project would make a great gift or party decoration (I’m using this one for a Shirley Temple birthday party), or of course an adorable addition to your room, hung daintily over your window.




Doily Curtains


I’ve been anticipating this project for some time, now. Last summer, I had this idea on my mind, and so I searched and searched for doilies. How could it be that hard to find doilies? You would think that, for several estate sales, doilies would be their main feature. Yet, estate sale after estate sale, I found nothing… At the very end of summer, I went to my last estate sale of the season– then I was going to buy some doilies off ebay for a fortune. This last sale had a jackpot of doilies; and they were only 50 cents each! And that, perhaps, is one of my happiest moments as a garage/estate sale-r. What you see on these curtains is a combination of some of my grandmas’ doilies and the ones I bought. The other bargain of the deal is that the coral fabric behind the doilies was a sheet before it came into my hands. So, that is my doily curtain analysis. Oooh, and a thought for the future: when I get tired of these curtains, I can cut out the doilies in squares and turn them into a quilt!