Sneak Peek

Take a look at these lovely fabrics I found! Today is a day for scarf-making.

Cool Dawn (LazyLens 20160114 063007 HD)


Chrysanthemum Skirt


This fabric thrilled me when I first found it. It was in an old cabinet stuffed with all sorts of material at an estate sale that, honestly, did not smell that great. And that is where this lovely skirt began. I knew from the beginning that I had to make a skirt with this fabric– it was the perfect weight, cutest print, and pure comfort. So when I ran across this tutorial I had to use it. This pattern met the comfort and cute requirements I had for the skirt. What I love about this particular pattern is that it took two hours; and I probably could have done it faster. So, there is the story of my new favorite skirt… Oh, and did I mention that the fabric was 25 cents? And also, the shirt I’m wearing was a recent estate sale find. I was deprived of estate-saling for an entire winter! Can you tell I’m glad it’s spring?


Turquoise and a Rose


I have finally semi-completed my Mexican embroidered dress right in time for….. fall.  There’s nothing like wearing bright flowers and turquoise after Labor Day. Ah well, I am pretty happy to finish my first embroidery project. I said “semi-completed” because I may still add some embroidery at the side seam, right under the armholes. But I was bound and determined to make this blog post before Labor Day; thus it is only partly finished. Though parts of the embroidering became rather monotonous, I really enjoyed making the little pink flower, and I love how the big red rose turned out. The pattern for this dress was hands-down the most simple pattern I have ever drafted. This pattern would probably be cute for other dresses, too– maybe in a more airy fabric? Here are the dresses that inspired me to make mine.




Mexican backpack

This weekend, I spent nearly a whole day developing and perfecting this little pack. It turned out almost exactly like I had imagined, which is rare. One of the greatest things about it is that I had to scrap for it; as in, there was hardly enough fabric to make this little fella.  Last summer I made a pair of “Mexican” shorts out of this material and saved the leftover bits and pieces. So they merged into this bag, with some help from me and these instructions. My help consisted of French seams (I promise it’s Mexican, though!), top-stitching, turning strips of fabric inside-out and outside-in, and stitching up the beautiful little Mexican dahlia (who knew the dahlia is Mexico’s national flower?!?!). The bag was originally intended for summer camps and babysitting, but I think it will work quite well for other uses, too.

My mom picked up that vintage suitcase at a garage sale for about 7 bucks. I adore it. I’ve had “old suitcase” on my “garage-selling list” for a few weeks with no particular purpose for it. I thought about covering this one with fabric, inspired by this post from A Beautiful Mess, and using it as decoration/storage. But I’m still not sure. Does anyone know any other unique (or not) uses for it? I probably won’t use it for actual luggage, since I already have a huge suitcase.


The French seams on the inside

Flowers, flowers, flowers, etc.


Welcome to my life for the past 2 days. This is what it looked like for the last 48 hours. My sister and I recently got a job sewing these flower pins for purses. We had 100 that were supposed to be due today. Fortunately, we were able to work most of the day today, and they will not be picked up till tomorrow. They’re really gorgeous little pins, and I can’t wait to see them on the purses! But I’m tellin’ ya, we’ve had silk taffeta flowers growing out our ears! And if they weren’t in your ears, they were poking you in your seat. There are quite a few steps to making these little guys: cut, serge, ruffle, sew the broach, and triple hot glue the flower to the felt. I’m about used to my left thumb being seared under hot glue =D We had an interesting experience (at best) with the ruffler foot. Our ruffler foot had a mind of its own. Either that, or my machine was trying to beat it up. We eventually resorted to hand-gathering the strips- not the most delightful job… you can ask my sis! But overall, we had a great time and learned a lot about working tirelessly. Yesterday, I worked on them from noon till 6 with no drink, potty, or stretch breaks. Seriously =D

Ready for pick-up