Refashioned: Colored Jeans


This project has been on my list for a while. Deciding to try it out, I bought some teal RIT dye. The liquid dye worked smoothly. Here are the jeans I started with:


Being too short, these jeans would be perfect to tuck into boots or roll up. But first they needed something…. I bleached my jeans for just 6 to 7 hours. I was following (mostly) these instructions which said to bleach for more than 30 hours. That would probably be best if you were dying them a very light color. Into the bleach–


Out of the bleach–


Then I made the too-short, boyfriend jeans into some comfy straight jeans. Here’s my post about “jean-slimming.” This is truly the ultimate cut for a pair of jeans. They are the right shape, but they don’t ride up your leg every time you sit down. I must say I was tempted to leave my jeans in this straight, bleached state instead of dying them.


After I mixed the teal dye and some hot water together in a bucket, I dropped my jeans in for about 30 minutes. That was a lot of stirring.


Rinsing and washing them left me with these gorgeous, sea green-colored jeans. They go perfectly with all my lace shirts. Also, I think they would be cute in the winter with big sweaters.


Does anyone have any good ideas for treating bleach spots? Because, each time I washed them new bleach spots would appear. I’m thinking that perhaps I should have washed them with vinegar.



Recently, I’ve been needing a pair of jeans to tuck into boots. I don’t like “skinny jeans,” but that’s what these are. I just took a pair of $1 jeans from garage sale and tried them on inside out. I pinned them down the leg,making sure they were tight enough to stuff into boots but loose enough to take off. Then I zipped along this line with my machine (not without trouble: my needle kept hitting the metal part over and over). These jeans weren’t even the slightly stretchy kind.  Now, I have basically a brand new pair of jeans that took only an hour!

Project JEAN- Part 2

I am in the middle of the project. As of now, I sewed the back pockets and the front pockets into the main part. Here are some pictures of the pocket design. One  of the pictures is a cooler design but harder to make consistently, so I’m not doing it this time. There’s a tricky way to make them: trace the design onto paper and make a copy of it. Pin the paper onto your pocket and sew on top of the paper along the lines. Rip the paper off and VOILA!

Project JEAN- Part 1

I am embarking on my most difficult yet most exciting project yet… Jeans. I’m very determined to make them fit perfectly, look professional, and more or less be perfect =D I bought some jean weight denim and thread (which was pretty exciting) and a special zipper. I bought some new “boyfriend” jeans to make the pattern after. I love how they fit, but they are slightly too short, so I’m making my homemade ones 2 inches longer.YAY! I can’t wait to see the finished product!