The title tells the whole story about my new pair of overalls. This summer has seen me in little else. The entire spring and first bit of summer I scoured Etsy, garage sales, and thrift stores for a pair of denim shortalls that were long enough to roll up and loose enough to wiggle in. I had very little luck till I found a pair of baggy overall pants for $6. I cut them to the right roll-up length… and now they are almost the only thing I wear. They can be worn for a work-day around the house or on a warm day at the farmers market or to a simple lunch outing. (Yes, I have worn them on all of these occasions in the past two weeks.)



Refashioned: Drop-waist Lace


Time is precious right now. There is hardly enough to go around! My many projects– recovering a chair, painting an old bike, figuring out new curtains, making bread weekly, blogging…ever– have all been tossed to the wind. No time. This lovely little refashion, however, was so quick and easy that I found enough time to make it happen. Like most of my refashions, this vintage dress started out at an estate sale with a 50 cent tag attached.


Though it was pretty to start with, the waist was a bit too low for my taste; so I seam-ripped the skirt off and reattached it a bit higher. Then I added another panel of white lining under the second tier of lace to make it decent. So easy! Perhaps what I love most about this one is its versatility. Today at church, I wore the dress with a chambray tank over it, a leather belt, and cowboy boots. It would also be adorable with a cardigan and topped of with a cloche for an ultra Twenties look. Anyhow, I am looking forward to trying out options!




Refashioned skirt in 20 minutes

Today, I threw together this little skirt from an old dress, given to me for the very purpose of refashioning! It was the easiest piece of clothing I’ve ever made, since I used the previous hem and stitches down the sides. I just cut it to the right length and encased the elastic in the top. It is a comfortable jersey knit fabric. Honestly, I’m probably more proud about the whole outfit than just the skirt. I am wearing a sweater that used to be my grannie’s (great grandmother, so yes, it’s old). It used to have some funny tassels on the sleeves and the bottom which I painstakingly removed. Though I’ve had it probably for a year, I’ve never worn it, for want of something to go with it. My new shoes are some funky boat-shoes/loafers. I’m not sure which. I love them! My hat goes great with this outfit, too. I’m really wanting to wear it out soon.