Margaret Infinity Scarf

After a busy week of buying fabric, sewing, and taking photos out in the cold, I am happy to announce that I have made several additions to my Etsy shop. The fabrics are so beautiful and comfy! Even better than I first imagined. They are called “Margaret Infinity Scarves” because they are an elegant but everyday kind of thing. In my mind, Margaret is an elegant but down-to-earth kind of gal. Laugh at me if you want. Don’t you ever place a name with a certain personality? Maybe it’s just me. If you would like, head on over to check out the updated Margaret and Alice Shop!

Screenshot (24)

Here are a few scarf combos…





New Year, New Scarf

Hello friends! The year of 2016 has already come and taken 7 days with it. I had high aspirations to post my resolutions in a somewhat organized manner here on the blog, but once I missed the first couple days of the new year, a bit of my resolve had already escaped. Oops.


BUT, these winds of change blew a new business idea into my brain. I say “new business,” though what I really mean is a special kind of addition to my Etsy shop! Scarves have been everywhere. This winter, in the fall, last spring…  They seem to never go out of season. My new line of infinity scarves focuses on fun prints and colors that can be layered and worn year-around. It’s like a scarf edition of the capsule wardrobe (but it lasts through all the seasons!). I will be adding many more options within the next week hopefully… Foxes and flowers coming soon. Yippee!

Check out some of the pairings! Here’s a link to my shop.





Thank you to the sweet friend who taught me how to make these! =D

A Scarf and a Few Christmas Goodies

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! You would think that with all this time I spent not blogging I would have whipped up something fantastic made out of velvet brocade or something. But no– a meagre scarf is the only fruit of my hands from the past, well, month. I am rather satisfied with how it turned out, though, considering I haven’t knitted anything since my sock trauma two years ago.


I was so excited to get this lovely little cloche hat and these quaint gloves that I couldn’t help but show them off to all of you. So here they are…


And lastly, I made these neat framed pages. I have been aching to try this out ever since I first saw them on Etsy (or maybe on Pinterest). All I had to do was cut a page out of an old dictionary, find a black and white image on the internet (and place it correctly in a word processor), run the page through the printer, and voila! You have a cute illustrated dictionary page. Who couldn’t use one of those?



Lace Infinity Scarf Giveaway!

I just got my 100th follower! I’m coming up on my two year blogging anniversary and have run into so many great bloggers on here. Thanks so much to all of you for reading and commenting on my blog! I always love signing in and seeing that little box in the right corner turn orange, because someone commented or newly followed my blog. Now, what you all are waiting for……. I’m giving away this lace infinity scarf that I made! To enter, just comment on this post; then I will randomly select a winner. Entries are open through May 12, and the winner will be announced shortly after. Thank you all for reading about my gastronome-iness and my closet!


Lace Infinity Scarf


Is anyone else behind on Christmas presents? In our family, we have this unspoken tradition that all the siblings make each other a gift. Well, let me just say that I have not done that yet. But, hopefully, I will be able to post that achievement soon (in other words, before Christmas!). For any of you who still don’t know even what to give (don’t worry, I deal with this problem too), here’s a quick but classy DIY gift. I made these infinity scarves with lace on the edge for a couple of girlfriends, not to mention myself, this year. My first try took close to an hour, but once you get the hang of it, you could probably complete it in thirty minutes. I found the idea here, if you want to see another rendition. My favorite one turned out to be made of jersey knit fabric. That way, it’s super comfy but still lays well. But, really, any thin, light fabric would do fine.

First, cut your fabric about 1 by 4-ish feet. I say “ish” because it really depends on how tight you want the scarf to be around your neck; you may or may not want it a little shorter. If you are not using a knit fabric, you need to serge all the edges. Then, carefully sew lace trim along one of the long edges, making sure not to sew off the lace or the fabric. On the other long edge, choose another lace trim to sew along that edge. You could do the same trim on both sides, but I prefer the two different trims, to vary the scarf a little more. To finish up, just sew the two short edges together, which makes the scarf into one big circle. The best way to wear it is to double the scarf, so there are two layers around your neck. Make sure some of the lace shows!! I love it. Hopefully, so do my friends!