Refashioned: Maxi-dress and Trousers… and a broken machine


I think this is the first time I’ve ever refashioned my own fashion (i.e. something I made). I made a maxi-dress last spring which was cute until I washed it…. it shrunk. Here it is before it shrunk:

Then it was far too tight for my liking. But I wore it last summer, belting it up to a shorter length. This year, I couldn’t even do that. So, I made it into a loose peplum top, which is splendid for hot summer days. It was super easy, too; that is, if you have a sewing machine that functions properly. Has anyone ever had the trouble of your thread breaking stitch after stitch? I’m legitimately asking, because I need some serious help! What’s even weirder is that my machine and my mom’s machine is doing the exact same thing. We’ve checked the tension, re- and re-threaded the bobbin, and tried different thread options. Any suggestions? Also, with my sick sewing machine, I refashioned some green trousers into shorts. This project would typically be a twenty minute project instead of one and a half hour project. But I love them! They may even have been worth the extra hour and ten minutes. Oooh, and the trousers were about 2 bucks at a garage sale and were in great condition. I am happy with my new refashioned outfit but less than happy about my machine.



Turquoise pleated shorts

Before I knew how to post pictures on my blog (wow), I made a post about “Adorable pleated shorts!” And I gave the full run-down on how to make them. Not one of my award-winning posts. Today I present you with a photo of them. Hopefully, it rectifies the former post. Considering the shorts are made from a granny skirt and are turquoise, these are one of my favorite creations yet. They were actually the first pattern I ever drafted!

Look at that beautiful half french seam!