Turquoise and a Rose


I have finally semi-completed my Mexican embroidered dress right in time for….. fall.  There’s nothing like wearing bright flowers and turquoise after Labor Day. Ah well, I am pretty happy to finish my first embroidery project. I said “semi-completed” because I may still add some embroidery at the side seam, right under the armholes. But I was bound and determined to make this blog post before Labor Day; thus it is only partly finished. Though parts of the embroidering became rather monotonous, I really enjoyed making the little pink flower, and I love how the big red rose turned out. The pattern for this dress was hands-down the most simple pattern I have ever drafted. This pattern would probably be cute for other dresses, too– maybe in a more airy fabric? Here are the dresses that inspired me to make mine.





Inspiration: Mexican Embroidery

Those lovely embroidered Mexican dresses have been catching my eye lately. I really want to try making one. The dress pattern seems to be very simple. My obstacle: embroidery… Does anyone have any good tips or links that might help me? I have never embroidered anything; but it can’t be that hard, can it? Also, any color suggestions? Right now, I’m leaning toward white or turquoise or possibly green. Here are a few of the gorgeous specimens I have found: