WORN: Polka Dot Dress

I put together some outfits using my black and white polka dot dress.

This first one is probably my favorite. It’s very classy and elegant, but not over-the-top dressy. It’s simply a lace top over my dress. As I scoured my closet, I thought that really any kind of lace shirt (long-sleeve, short-sleeve, or tanktop) or even a loose-knit sweater would be great to create this look.

Now, this is just a reverse of outfit 1. It’s kind of preppy, but still very classy.

barefoot all the way :)

Here, I simply tied a scarf around my neck, to create a casual outfit that would be great for any season, depending on what kind of scarf I used. I actually thought about using a different colored polka-dotted scarf, but that turned out to be a little too spotty=D I definitely recommend tying the scarf in a bow, if you have one that’s thin enough.

This last one will probably be my go-to church outfit for this fall and winter. I belted a bright cardigan and threw on some cowboy boots. I think this would be a great one to wear with leggings, too. So, hopefully that’ll give you a few ideas for how to wear polka dots. It certainly helped me! Let me know which one you like the best.


Worn: Lace Trim Top

I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts titled “Worn” where I will take a piece of clothing that I’ve made in the past and show a few different ways to wear it. Hopefully, this will inspire you to wear things you make and will help me figure out things to wear it with, that I probably wouldn’t otherwise think of. Today’s piece is my lace trim top.

See the chair I’m redoing? It was $1 at garage sale! I’m gonna paint it turquoise…

This outfit, which happens to probably be my favorite outfit PERIOD, consists of the lace top over a cream tanktop with a high-waisted, breezy midi-skirt. I think most colors would be beautiful, but this particular skirt is navy blue (as you can hopefully see). Then, I’m just wearing some simple leather sandals, completing the elegantly easy-going look. I’ll wear this to places like church or a pretty nice supper somewhere.

Here’s a crazy way to wear the lace top in the winter or late fall (considering the socks and boots). I’m wearing my pleated granny top, which is essentially a blouse with a bow collar, under the lace top, with skinny jeans and boots and socks. I don’t really see myself actually wearing this, but I thought the idea was a good one. You could possibly wear it to class or just a day around town.

This outfit would work great any time of the year- in the fall and winter with a cardigan, and in the spring and summer by itself. As you can see, I’m just wearing the lace top over the cream tanktop with some coral jeans and my lace boat-shoes. In my opinion, the leather purse ties the whole thing together. This classy look would work great for most anything, because it is somewhat nice, yet pretty casual ( if that makes any sense). Let me know which is your favorite outfit!